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Who is the Cook?

OliJan2015Hi, my name is Olivier Lafontan.

I am an experienced Agile coach and Agile transition professional with more than 10 years experience in the field of project management. I am also a licensed Facilitator of “Leading Bold Change” workshops, based on the work of John P. Kotter on Organisations Transformation and his 8 step change model.

I started using some Agile techniques when I was at egg (UK), back in 2002, and I haven’t looked back since.

My main professional interest is to help teams – and more largely Organisations – to transition towards Agile working models. This has led me to work for / with some companies specialising in this domain, and for a consequent number of clients such as BA, Standard Life, BT, Dell, BSkyB, Centrica, Betfair, Scottish Life.

I have been an active member of the Agile community since 2004, with peaks and troughs for sure, when I published an experience report on how to use Agile techniques to help companies break the “Analysis Paralysis” state (first shared in 2004 on the yahoo extremeprogramming discussion forum under the title “XA: a plug-in for XP”. This was also presented at Agile Business Conference the same year).

In 2010, I released a set of unique tools – on this blog – to help organisations tackle change in general, and move to Agile in particular. These are the “deck of cards” that I keep referring to. I am using these with my clients, and I hope it can also help you explain, plan, track and report on your change initiatives.

I hope to bring something new and exciting to the table in the months ahead, and this site should help me convey my ideas and gather some feedback… maybe from you!

You can comment on any page, or alternatively send me a mail at: olafontan@leanpizza.net

So thanks in advance for reading, Hope you enjoy the blog, and let’s make some tasty agile pizzas!


By the way, I would really appreciate if you could take 30 seconds to tell me what you think about this blog, thanks!

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