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September 23, 2010

An Agile Introduction Session, in house and for FREE!

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One cannot clearly understand what Agile is if one hasn’t experienced it first hand: I want to give companies and their teams the opportunity to try Agile without having to take the risk of actually investing their precious time and money for that.

Pound Sign“So, I am offering to come to your company and run one of these sessions for you, for free”

I have been running Agile Education / Introduction sessions for many years now (just ran those across 9 months and circa 280 people at my last client). Through the years, I have probably taken between 1,500 and 2,000 people through such sessions, always with good feedback. I have had developers, testers, architects, designers, marketing folks, sales, HR, as well as a bunch of CXOs and Head Of’s.

Why am I doing this again? Two main reasons and a derived third:

  1. I have got the time right now
  2. I believe some of you might need it

There is also a 3rd reason, which is that I know that once you will have been on the first free training, you will see the benefits of more people from your organisation going on it, or you might see the difference between the intent and what you are actually doing in house, and that is work for me.

So go on, let me know if you are interested, the only thing I ask in return is that you pay for my travel, nothing else.


More details about the session

Target audience: AnRed Ballybody who requires or want to learn about Agile, more specifically Scrum or / and XP. Any team starting with their implementation of the methodology, or even if you have been doing it for a while and want a refresher. Remember, it’s free…

Red Ball Number of participants per session: no more than 20

Red Ball Infrastructure requirements: room large enough for the number of attendees, Paper board, white board, tables we can move around

Red Ball Duration: 4 hours

Red Ball What we will cover:

  • Why more and more companies are using Agile
  • What is Agile, what it is not
  • How Scrum / XP work
    • How we capture requirements and when (we will cover user stories, acceptance criteria, format)
    • How we plan and set expectations (for the long term – Release planning – for the medium term – Sprint planning, for the short term – Daily Stand Up)
    • How we get feedback from users and clients (we will cover Show and Tells)
    • How we ensure quality of the product (how we build, test, release: we will cover TDD, Continuous Integration and Test Automation)
    • How we make sure the teams become better and better at delivering software (we will cover Retrospectives)
  • Specific questions and themes: Any other question or subject the participants want to cover: I always adapt the session depending on that last point (example of themes: can Agile work with mainframe? Can it work for non IT products? Does it work with PRINCE2, how do we start doing Agile? etc…)

Red Ball Session format:

The sessions use the XP Game as the basis for education and discussion. In a controlled environment, attendees get the change to effectively run a project using Agile, experience and “touch” the mechanics behind the terms.

The goal is not to play the game, but rather to leave the room with all our questions answered. I bring all the material with me, nothing for the attendees to prepare.

Green Ball Request more info or contact me at: olafontan@leanpizza.net

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