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January 22, 2011

“Company Change Deck” Series: Card #8

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Establishing a Sense of Urgency / Stakeholders / Stakeholders agree to help create the Guiding Coalition

This card is an acceptance criteria that helps ensure the stakeholders you are engaging will put their money where their mouth is and help create a group that will be the Guiding Coalition for the transition. In some instances, they will themselves be part of the coalition:

“Are our stakeholders ready to physically create a group which purpose will be to see the transition to a positive end?

Real life exampleReal Life Examples

NegativeLarge company, large programme: the stakeholders express their willingness to see the transition being successful and reiterate how critical it is for the company. When asked to create an actual group in charge of the transition, they back down and explain to me that nobody really has the time to be in such a group and that it why I was hired in the first place… This didn’t really sound good to me and in the end I was left on my own to change the entire company culture. Did it work? nope.

PositiveAnother company, another project: this time the CIO who hires me wants to form a strong group of people who actually “do” things, not just talk about it. We manage to get a representative of all interested parties in the group – all of which actually shared the same sense of urgency – and swiftly move to getting our Vision and Strategy on the table. We made the creation of this group visible rapidly to the rest of the company, as well as the next steps.

Other Resources and LinksAdditional Links and Resources

The complete deck (in English or French) + user guide can be downloaded on the “Card Decks for Agile Transitions” page.

How to use the cardHow to use the card

The card represents a positive acceptance criteria we want to pass. That is, when looking at the card as a positive statement, is your answer YES or NO in the context of the change you are undertaking?

PassIf the answer is YES, great! Make sure to periodically revisiting the card and checking that you can still answer YES to the question.

FailIf the answer is NO, the card acts as a goal to achieve. It then becomes a token for conversation between the people involved in leading that change. The conversations around this card need to cover the following:

  • HOW are we going to pass this “test” (i.e. respond with a YES to the question on the card)?
  • WHAT tasks do we need to undertake?
  • WHO is going to do these tasks?
  • WHEN is this going to be done?

Passing an acceptance criteria requires some form of planning and tracking. I recommend that the person or people working on passing these acceptance criteria use Agile planning, tracking and continuous improvement techniques.

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