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You might be starving for a successful transition to Agile!

I can offer you home delivery on the following

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Change HealthcheckTransition Assessment

Moving to Agile is not just about Agile, it is first and foremost about how you, as a company manage critical organisation change.

Using John Kotter’s 8 Step Change model as the framework, I will help you uncover the good, the bad and the ugly.

  • Have you created enough of Sense of Urgency for people to buy into the change?
  • Do you have a powerful Guiding Coalition, leading this change every step of the way?
  • Is your Vision and Strategy for the change clear enough?
  • Has it been, and is it still being communicated at every opportunity?
  • Do your teams and employees feel empowered to act and win now?
  • Have you managed to “engineer” your first Quick Win(s)?
  • What about pushing for yet More Change?
  • Finally, is the new approach sticking and becoming part of the new Culture, or can you see the first signs of entropy?

Great reality check!

Leadership Workshop“Leading Bold Change” Workshops

Do you feel transitioning to Agile is more than just providing the teams “on the floor” with a few practices and tools? Do you believe that having the right Leaders for this transition is as crucial? Do you feel your management team is more “management” than “leaders”? Do you want to do something about it?

These workshops have been specifically designed to help teams, and leaders of the change to understand the dynamic of change and positively use this knowledge straight away! As a Licensed Facilitator of “Leading Bold Change” workshops, I can run these sessions for you, at any stage of your change initiative.

Be prepared to read the book first!

Agile Transition Banner

Agile Discovery AcesDays

Do you have a number of people who want / need to be educated to Agile? Have you heard of Agile but never really understood it? Do you want education without the need to move to full blown Certification training programmes that may cost you a lot?

I have been running Agile Discovery sessions for a long time now: it takes 4 hours of attendees time and packs a punch of knowledge transfer through a well orchestrated simulation (this is based on my old time favourite XP Game). However, I have adapted the pitch to cover both Scrum and XP.

Check this out! I’ll run a session for you, for free! view details…

Excellent team building experience, no better way to establish a common glossary and baseline understanding!

Agile AssessmentAgile Assessment

Do you want to know if your teams are implementing Agile in a consistent fashion? What impediments or blockers they are facing? How your in-house customers think things are going? Do you want to know what your next steps should be, and maybe have a plan with specific objectives?

I use a blend of self assessment (done by the teams), own assessment (shadowing and observing), interviews and questionnaires. These cover all the actors of the actual implementation of Agile principles and practices. Tools used during the assessment are passed over to the teams so that they can continue checking on progress from time to time.

You’ll be surprised how people can open up to an external party!

CoachingAgile Transition Help for Leaders and Teams | Coaching

Do you feel your managers / leaders need a bit of support and coaching? Does it look like some of them have lost their way in the overall transition? Maybe some of them are reverting to old habits (not because they want to, there is just nobody to push them a bit more)? Maybe you are just starting with Agile, got some people certified (!) and still not really sure how to actually get things done on the ground?

I have been coaching at all levels of companies for a few years now. My specialty is getting people to start working as a team, using all the good practices that they are willing to try and learn.

  • gather and present the requirements (Backlog Management with Customers, Product Owners, Business Analysts)
  • organise and plan the release of Business Value (through Release Planning with the entire team)
  • organise the incremental delivery of Valuable Solutions (not just software, through Sprint or Iteration Planning with the entire team)
  • organise the implementation of an effective information radiator for the team (also referred to as THE WALL, get the team to own this artifact)
  • DO the work! Get blockers out of the way fast!
  • present the result of each increment (Sprint or Iteration) to the “world” for feedback (Sprint or Iteration Show and Tell with the entire team and ALL stakeholders that wish to take part too)
  • continuously learn from experience – some good…some bad (Sprint or Iteration Retrospective, entire team), inspect, adapt and influence.

Let’s start Releasing Valuable solutions now!

What next?

If any of the above interests you, or you wish to discuss other possible ways to help your organisation, please let me know: olafontan@leanpizza.net

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