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June 18, 2012

I have some skin in the game now :)

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A month and a bit ago, I launched a website: www.pickadeck.com.

This is a web app that allows anyone with a culture change in mind to describe it in the format of a deck of cards.

Sounds familiar? Yep, I have been experimenting with that concept for a few years now, and that works pretty well for me. So I went and created a Scrum Transition Deck, a John Kotter change model deck (http://leanpizza.net/?page_id=63)…

BUT, that was not a viable approach for conducting change within large companies. The level of social interaction, feedback and knowledge sharing required during a large scale transition is just too difficult to kickstart and maintain with a physical artefact alone (especially when the said artefact can only be curated by one or two people within the company…).

www.pickadeck.com is my answer to my own problem (described above and which I get time and time again), and along the way I think it can help people who, just like me, are trying to implement new Values through an honest and transparent description of expected behaviours.

The app is currently still in beta, but feel free to request access to it if you feel you want to give it a spin. Oh, and it comes with the Scrum Transition deck offered, ready to use 🙂

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