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January 15, 2013

OT (kinda): Getting Lean in 2013

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My “eating a lot” and “no exercise” for the last 6 months has finally caught up with me. My weight has started to increase week on week, and this increase doesn’t appear to be linear, it is following some sort of exponent… Nothing to worry about, but I am feeling sluggish, slow, and I had to punch a new hole in my favourite belt.

I have therefore decided that 2013 is the year I am going to get Lean, shed some fat off, build some muscle, get more flexible, learn to breathe (no kidding, I want to do that too)… and apparently I am not the only one who started yesterday:) (@gsempe, @mhsutton are twitting about this too)

I am 1.70m, and weigh in at 80kg: my first objective is to drop down to 75kg within 60 days. These numbers are – arguably – easy to attain by my just being careful as to what I eat. However, this high level objective is broken down into smaller ones.

That 5kg of net mass drop in fact represents:

  • (-) 10kg of fat
  • (+) 5kg of lean muscle (both fast and slow twitching types) should give me the (-) 5kg mass I am aiming at.

I know where I stand regarding my starting point with these as well: my wife is in the fitness industry and some time ago she bought some tanita scales, of the body composition monitor kind. Our scales are able to measure %body fat, bones weight, muscle mass, %water in the body, visceral fat weight, Basal Metabolic Rate, metabolic age, oh, and your weight of course 🙂

Right now, I am

  • 58.3kg muscle
  • 22.6% fat >> 18.08kg
  • my visceral fat rate is 9 (1 to 12 is considered healthy)
  • my metabolic age is 44

I am concentrating on the first 2 measures, and I have decided that I will follow an “insanity” programme (DVD support – high energy cardio) coupled with some resistance weight training (8 reps/3 sets per muscle group). Added to that, I will follow a low carbs high proteins high fibres diet, and follow each exercise session (cardio and weight) with a 30g of tasty (!) protein supplement.

Finally, all this requires some sort of planning, and some form of tracking: I therefore created a special “Insanity” casino on picakdeck, an “Insanity Schedule and Notes” deck in this casino, and a table called “Olivier Insanity / 60 day challenge 2013”.

The Casino landing page


The Deck



The table


And of course I have started to play 🙂



This subject might be off topic, but at the same time I feel it is a good way to test pickadeck in a different way: after all, getting lean is a type of change, and applying a discipline is what is required to get some results.

This deck, if it does indeed work, might interest other people, as well as the experience I will have recorded, so I am doubly motivated to get this done.

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