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April 19, 2011

Forget the bus factor. Here come Gummy Bears!

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“Bus Factor”, term used to describe an unforeseen event impacting your team, usually in the form of the disappearance of one or more of your team members (Q:”What would happen if John was hit by a bus??” A: He wouldn’t be able to come to work). Some people don’t like the negativity of the analogy […]


September 22, 2010

Just a little box…

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One of the first things I get for a team when I start a transition is a little stationary (amazing how hard it can be to order a few pens using the “corporate” guidelines sometimes!!). Here is what I usually include in the box: – Blu Tack – sticky tape – colour stickers – index […]


June 30, 2010

Guide en français pour le jeu de cartes du Modèle de Changement d’Organisations

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Lors de mon dernier billet, j’ai annoncé la mise en ligne d’un guide pratique accompagnant le jeu de cartes du Modèle de Changement d’Organisation, basé sur l’approche de John Kotter. Ce guide était en anglais, voici à présent la version française. Le guide peut être téléchargé depuis la page “Download Recepies” ainsi que les deux […]


May 17, 2010

What’s the ideal Agile workspace… with plasticine! (2)

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I posted about an experimental session that was planned to happen at my current place of work: I am sorry to report back that for various reasons this did not happen as intended. I will keep the idea in mind and maybe post a review some time in the future. Ciao for now…


May 12, 2010

What’s the ideal Agile workspace… with plasticine!

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Tomorrow is an offsite day for the PMO function of the company I am working with. A number of subjects and presentations are on the agenda, and a couple of other people and I have been asked to “do something around user stories”. Now, I won’t be able to attend for personal reasons but I […]